Check-In: Day 15

Wow! 15 days already! It sure doesn’t feel that long.

I don’t have a lot to say today so I’ll just get to the journal. I was bummed because my heart rate monitor stopped working 12 minutes before my class ended, but I estimated how many calories I would have burned based on how the beginning part of class went, so I’m sure that’s close enough! That’s why my activity screen shot doesn’t reflect what I’m recording in my daily journal, just FYI 🙂

Breakfast (195 cals)

  • Coffee, 2 cups (5 cals)
  • Half & Half, 1 tablespoon (20 cals)
  • Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar, 1 teaspoon (30 cals)
  • DKB Thin-Sliced 21 Whole Grains Toast, 1 slice (60 cals)
  • Egg, 1 (80 cals)

Morning Snack (262 cals)

  • Justin’s Peanut Butter, 1 pack (190 cals)
  • Apple, 1 (72 cals)

Lunch (100 cals)

  • Chocolate Medifast Shake, 1 (100 cals)

Afternoon Snack (160 cals)

  • Dark Chocolate Almonds, 12 (80 cals)
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 21 grams (80 cals) 

Dinner (310 cals)

  • Jimmy John’s Club Lulu Unwich, 1 (310 cals)

Dessert (210 cals)

  • Tillamook Stumptown Coffee Ice Cream, ½ cup (210 cals)

Activity (550 cals)

  • Orangetheory Fitness, 55 minutes (550 cals)

Caloric Counts for the day:

1,237 calories consumed

550 calories burned

That’s it! I’ve decided to try to up my calories just a tiny bit. I feel like that could be a reason I didn’t lose a lot last week also. MyFitnessPal recommends I get 1,350 calories per day and I’ve been eating closer to 1,100 max. I think my goal is to get closer to 1,250 with a little wiggle room if I go over.

Anyway, still plugging along over here. Maybe I’ll have more to say tomorrow!

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