Check-In: Week 3

This weekend I went shopping. My mom bought me a beautiful dress but unfortunately (or fortunately I guess?) it was too big. So I went to exchange it and picked up a few tops that I could wear for work or to a nice dinner or something. The reason I’m telling you this story is to highlight how ridiculous women’s clothing sizes are and how, as much as we can, we shouldn’t worry about the number on our tag, just how the clothes make us feel! I picked up three tops: one was a long, flowy t-shirt type shirt that is so comfortable it feels like pajamas. It was a 1X in the plus sized section. I got another shirt that is sort of bohemian looking that is a size XL in the regular section, and lastly got a black flowy cap sleeved top that was a large in the regular section. That is just ridiculous. And what is most ridiculous of all is the fact that I hesitated to buy the plus size top because I don’t like the connotation it brings along with it. Why, if they all feel comfortable and make me feel pretty, do I even care what size the tag says? No one who sees me in the shirt will know, “oh, that shirt is from the plus size section”. I promise. And if they do, they’re even more insecure than me.
Anyway, the weekend was great in the fact that we did some fun things but Saturday was a total loss calorie wise. We went wine tasting and boy, I didn’t hold back! But I guess the one bright spot is while there was a lot (a lot) of wine consumed, I was actually pretty good in the food choices I made. And Sunday I got right back on the horse, which in the past has really been the downfall for me I think—having an off day and getting right back into it.

This week I did well on the scale too! I’m down 1.6 pounds this week which is right in the range I want to be. I think it’s a good, steady pace to lose and so far seems extremely manageable.

So there it is. Another week down, and another week of planed workouts and healthful food options! We went grocery shopping this weekend (which we managed to skip all of last week) so I’m armed with delicious snacks and am excited to see how this new week goes!

Weekly selfie time (nice face Kellie)!

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