Check-In: Week 2

Welp, here we go! Another week in the books. As predicted, my loss this week wasn’t nearly as big as last week. At first I was bummed about it but then I realized 1. I didn’t watch my caloric intake all weekend (starting on Friday) and was also not nearly as active as I would have liked (being in the car for 7+ hours a day will do that to you), but 2. I said it last week: my body is balancing things out. So I decided a loss is a loss and I’ll be excited about it no matter what!

While I could write on and on about this weekend, I won’t. I’ll just say I spent a fantastic long weekend with the man I love exploring the Redwood National Park for our 4 year anniversary. We took, like, 4,000 pictures of trees and were a part of one of the most amazing places on this planet for a brief moment in time. Really, that’s enough! 🙂

While I won’t go into every detail, I will talk about what I ate, because that’s what this blog is here for! I started off really good on Friday and had very healthy snacks in the car. By the time dinner rolled around, were both hungry and he was craving pizza, so we stopped at this amazing little local place in Brookings, Oregon and it was worth every bite. Breakfasts were hard as I didn’t really plan ahead as I should have so one morning it was a McDonalds Egg White Delight and the other was a Starbucks Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap. I made the best choices I could but hey, I was on vacation! Then for dinner on Saturday we celebrated our anniversary at a nice restaurant in Eureka, California so I didn’t really watch what I ate at all. Over the weekend I had beer, wine, crackers, In-N-Out… but all in moderation (except for the In-N-Out. I ate the crap out of that).

Anyway, I’m totally fine with the way this weekend went. I enjoyed myself, did the best I could, and am back at it again today in full force!

I’ll leave you here with this progress photo. Check back tomorrow for my daily check-ins and all that good stuff.

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