The One That Got Away

Photo Credit: nythroughthelens

Have you ever given up on something before you were ready to? I’m not talking about never finishing that book you’ve been trying to get through or quitting your diet before you reached your goal, but quitting something that you really loved before it had the chance to run its course? And if you have, and you’re having these feelings I’m having now, how do you get past them? Sometimes it’s not as simple as giving it another go. Sometimes life gets in the way, money gets in the way, insert-any-excuse-here gets in the way.

I’ve found myself in this situation only a few times in my life–standing at an intersection, wondering which way to go. I’m happy to say that the majority of intersections I’ve come across, I’ve picked correctly. The majority of these situations I look back at and am thankful I quit when I did. However, there’s one that I’ve never quite gotten over. One of the true loves of my life.

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Things I’m Currently Obsessed With Part I

Moroccan Argan Oil
Tribal Prints
Anything Neon (I’m typing this post with neon nails!)
‘The Host’ by Stephanie Meyer
Feather Earrings (I know, I know.. I’m late to the party on this one)
Anything Owl (Figurines, necklaces, prints, pillows, stationery, t-shirts.. you name it, I love it. NOTE: Look for a future post on this one–and not in the way you think!)
Downton Abbey
Ombre Hair (Also late with this trend but I can’t stop loving it!)
SMASH (Guilty pleasure)
DIYing (Or just researching things to DIY)
Instagram (Clearly)
All Things Oscar (Still need to see War Horse)
Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc

What are YOU obsessed with??

Soup-er Super Bowl

Image Courtesy of Tasty Yummies

I can’t believe I’ve never talked about it on here before, but I was told by my doctor back in September that I needed to cut out gluten and dairy from my diet. I’ve been pretty successful, only falling off the wagon around Christmastime. Thanks to some helpful friends and websites, it’s been relativity easy to figure out things to eat. The hardest part is when I go somewhere I don’t always know what kind of food they’ll have. My friends and family have been extremely supportive of my new dietary restrictions and always prepare things I can eat.

For the Super Bowl, I thought I’d help out by bringing something we could all enjoy, but also retain the ability to have complete control of what went into the dish. Enter one of my new favorite blogs for all things vegan and gluten free Tasty Yummies. A friend turned me on to this treasure trove of gf/df (that’s gluten-free/dairy-free for all you ‘normal’ eaters out there) friendly recipes that I just couldn’t wait to try. On top of that, Beth (the blogs owner) is a fellow graphic designer, so how could I not try out one of these aptly named ‘tasty yummies’?

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Instagram Madness!

I recently got a new iPhone. I have been waiting to get this phone for YEARS and during that time I had been taking mental notes about apps I simply could not live without. One on the very top of my list was Instagram.

I. am. obsessed.

After the jump, Check out a few of the pictures I’ve snapped in just two short weeks. Also, follow me if you’d like! (WARNING: one of my favorite subjects is my pup Lola, so please don’t judge me on the obscene amount of pet photos)

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