Check-In: Day 8

It feels like it’s been a long time since I did a full blown daily check-in! I realize it’s not convenient for me to do it on the weekends but it feels good to get back into the swing of things. I’ve found one of the hardest things about counting calories is going out to eat! I do my very best to guess at what the caloric counts are, but in the end, that’s all it is—a guess. Hey, it’s more than I was thinking about in the past! I am becoming one of those people who wish that restaurants would put their calories on the menu. Or at least on their website (thank you Chipotle Burrito Builder!). That would make life so much easier. Funny how things can change so much in just a little over a week. 10 days ago I would have NO desire to see how many calories were in the food I was eating. Now, every one counts!

I went to Orangetheory last night (Monday and Wednesdays!) and it I’m not sure why it seemed so hard yesterday, but it did and it was a great workout. I’ve never burned as many calories in a class before as I did last night either so that’s always good!

So, here is Monday’s recap:

Breakfast (159 cals)

  • Coffee, 2 cups (5 cals)
  • Half & Half, 1 tablespoon (20 cals)
  • Natural Cane Turbinado Sugar, 2 teaspoons (30 cals)
  • DKB Thin Sliced Whole Grain Toast, 1 slice (60 cals)
  • Avocado, ¼ (25 cals)
  • Pistacios, 5 (19 cals)

Morning Snack (167 cals)

  • Egg, 1 (80 cals)
  • Wasabi Almonds, 1/3 package (87 cals)

Lunch (230 cals)

  • Chipotle Carnitas Burriot Bowl, ½ bowl (230 cals) 

Afternoon Snack (140 cals)

  • Bush’s Baked Beans, ½ cup (140 cals) 

Dinner (480 cals)

  • Pork Chop, 4 oz (348 cals)
  • Carrots Roasted in EVOO and Brown Sugar, 3 (132 cals) 

Dessert (80 cals)

  • Ghiradelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate, 1 square (80 cals) 

Activity (657 cals)

  • Orangetheory Fitness, 58 minutes (657 cals)

That’s it! Another Monday in the books and another week full of delicious, healthful food planned out.

Until tomorrow!

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