Check-In: Week 1

My first ever weekly check-in! I haven’t yet decided what the format of these will look like yet, but I think I’ll give a recap of my weekend rather than list all the foods out from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for sake of brevity. I’ll also post my weekly weigh-in and progress photo! At least that’s what it’s going to look like this week. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Week 1 Weigh-In

Starting with the weigh-in, I’m thrilled with my progress! I’m a little bummed because I didn’t actually weigh Monday morning last week. It was more like Saturday I think, so this weight isn’t exactly a 7-day progress report, but it’s close and I’ll take it! I am down a whopping 4.9 pounds! Honestly, that’s a little more than I want to lose weekly; I’m shooting more for the 2 pound a week goal, but in my experience the first week on any new plan shows the most progress so I’m hoping things level out. I also won’t be surprised if I don’t see a huge change this week as the body has an amazing way of balancing things out. BUT! Talk about a motivation to keep going! I don’t feel hungry as much as I did those first few days which is great and means my stomach is shrinking, requiring less food to make me feel full. I also feel like I haven’t really gone without anything I wanted last week. I ate ice cream, chocolate, drank beer (see weekend recap later), champagne (see weekend recap later), and more! I didn’t find it hard to stay within my caloric daily count at all and find that portion control is going to be my best friend.

Weekend Recap

I feel like I made good choices this weekend but definitely could improve in other areas, namely alcoholic beverages! Fridays, my work friends and I always go to happy hour and I tried to make the best choice of drink based on calories. I even looked it up ahead of time! I had a couple of vodka sodas which come in at 96 calories each. On Saturday, we had dinner at my parents’ house which we weren’t planning on doing, and usually when we have dinner with them it includes lots of delicious wine. This time was no different except for the champagne my mom and her friend threw in! Sunday, we went to a concert out on a golf course which included a couple of Coors Lights (102 calories each thank you very much) and then a glass of wine after that.

I balanced out all those empty calories with picking healthful things for dinner and being diligent during the days. We went to the food cart pods for dinner with a friend on Friday and instead of ordering a burger and fries (which I wanted!) I had an avocado salad bowl with baked chicken breast. At the concert on Sunday, instead of the famous Cubano sandwich from Bunk, I opted for a rice bowl at Koi Fusion and only ate half. So all in all, I’m pleased with the weekend even though it’s pretty a-typical of how a weekend normally would go. 

I also had grand plans of working out once either Saturday or Sunday but, as these things go sometimes, that didn’t pan out. I hit my work-out goal last week of 4 days of activity though, so I’m not beating myself up about it.

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with my progress and am looking forward to seeing how this week goes! I already have all my workouts planned out so that’s helpful and we went grocery shopping yesterday to fill the fridge full of yummy things I can eat throughout the week.

We’ll close this post out with a 2nd progress photo. Here’s to keeping up the momentum!

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