Summertime Walks

Just some random photos from my lunchtime walk yesterday. I really love Portland in the summer! I aslo really love the picture below for some reason.. however, I almost got taken out by a bicycle to capture it, so maybe that’s why I love it so much! I had to fight for that one!

And, not to save the best for last or anything, but this guy was using a water hover craft up and down the Willamette.. I kid you not. The proof is in the pictures!!

Also, I wish when you zoomed in to crop a pic in Instagram that it didn’t make it so much smaller! I understand the reasoning, but speaking as a perfectionist, I really hate that they’re not all the same size. Oh well.. nothing to do unless you all have some tricks to share. I guess I could take them into Photoshop to re-size them, but that just seems like so.much.effort.

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