DIY: Textured Wallpaper & Furniture

It’s sunny here in Portland today which puts me (and the rest of my fellow Portlanders) in such a great mood! Soak in that Vitamin D! However, this kind of weather doesn’t usually lend to the most interesting of blog posts, mainly because I want to do nothing but be outside!

So today I’m going to show you an easy little project I did to enhance a piece of furniture I bought at Ikea. It’s actually a really nice, sturdy butcher block for the kitchen, but with all the moves I’ve gone through with it, the white particle board on the back was looking a little worse for ware. I took process pictures of this, but alas, they’re on my old camera (or even worse, old phone!) but I did snap a couple mid-move to show you how just a few supplies and a little imagination can really update the look. I’ll try to find the process pictures and post them a little later.

You’ll need the following:

Textured wallpaper (I got a screaming deal for my roll at Sherwin Williams. Someone ordered the roll but never picked it up! This happens frequently so make sure to check with your sales person to see what they have that they’re trying to unload. It may just be the perfect thing!)
Wallpaper glue
Wallpaper squeegee
Staple gun
Painters tape
Paint (I used a beautiful metallic paint but obviously the possibilities are endless)
A paint brush
Xacto knife

Tape around any sides that you don’t want glue or paint getting on. Then measure your wallpaper and cut it to size. I didn’t get super precise with this, a little overlap is ok. Once the wallpaper is cut, start spreading on that glue! I stared at the top then moved my way down so the glue wouldn’t get too dry, but if you’re quick with it, you could probably apply the glue in one fell swoop. Make sure you diligently use your squeegee to get air bubbles out. Also press up tightly to the corners and create a crease in the paper (this is why you don’t have to be 100 percent accurate with your measurements). Use your Xacto knife to cut off the excess in the corners. Once you get to the bottom, wrap the paper around to the back side and staple.

When the glue is dry (according to the instructions) go ahead and paint that puppy!

This would also look great in a print. There are so many wonderful wallpapers out there right now.. so go get some! I’m tempted to try this on the back of my booksheves (the part that faces out) so if I do, I’ll be sure to take pictures galore.

Have any of you done something small and simple that made a big change in a piece of furniture? I’d love to hear about it!

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