Happy Easter!

Yesterday, aside from the usual church, lunch and general Easter merriment with friends and family, I may have discovered a new skill that could potentially make me terribly wealthy. This skill is what I like to call ‘Photographing Child Just As He Is About To Catch A Ball’. As my brother-in-law and nephew were playing catch yesterday, I noticed that Danny had a sheer look of terror on his face every time he was just about to catch the ball. I decided to be the good aunt that I am, and photograph it for all to see. I hope you enjoy!

Click through to see all the photos one by one.


I find it funny that in more than half of them, his eyes are closed. Someday soon, he’ll learn that he’ll be a lot more successful at playing catch if he keeps his eyes open! I love that kid.

I hope you all had as great of an Easter as I did!

4 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. holly

    Wow, i just laughed so hard I almost peed. You’re amazing.

  2. Alyssa

    This is gold! 🙂

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