The Secret Society of Mature Individuals

Not too long ago, my brother-in-law turned the big 3-0! Megan decided she wanted to throw him a surprise party, so naturally I basically told her she had no other option selflessly volunteered to make invitations for the event. She initially wanted to host the shindig at a place called The Secret Society in Portland. It ended up being a little spendy to do it there, but because of that, a brilliant idea was born. What if we treated it like Alex (my BIL) was being inducted into a secret society of people over 30? My mind was spinning with the possibilities of this theme and I couldn’t wait to get started. The first thing to do was design the crest (see above). My favorite parts about this piece are the old man profile at the top, and the roman numerals that stand for 1982 and 2012. I shouldn’t have been surprised that Alex immediately recognized what those numbers stood for–he got his major in history after all.

Click through to see what else we came up with for this fun event!

So after the crest was set, it was time to get cracking on the invitation itself. I didn’t want it to be like a normal invitation. I wanted people to open it and kind of be unsure of what they just received until they read it. I wanted it to have a dry sense of humor to it because–let’s face it–a dry sense of humor is something that Alex and I have in common! These were printed then glued to several sheets of cardstock so they were fantastically heavy and put inside a black envelope with a red wax seal on the back (how I never got a photo of this, I’ll never know).

I think it turned out splendidly.

After the floodgates open, there is no holding them back. We then decided that each person attending would get a button as a party favor. There were two kinds of buttons: one for people who were members of the secret society (over 30) and one for non-members. The party was held on St. Patrick’s Day, so Alex had a special inductee button with a green ribbon on it.

Meg had a brilliant idea of having a little note card for everyone to fill out that basically said ‘now that you’re 30 you’re now allowed/not allowed to do this:”. I didn’t get any photos of the actual note cards but the envelopes were stamped with a simple silver skeleton key (very secret looking) and sealed with wax on the back to match the invitations (still didn’t get a photo of the wax!!) Meg put the filled out note cards into a photo album, so maybe I could take some photos of that to show you how they looked.

I also decided to make custom wine lables

Lastly, we made mustaches on a stick–because what’s a party without a mustache on a stick?? Plus, I think it went along with the theme rather nicely don’t you?

A HUGE thank you to my mom for helping me put everything together! I honestly could not have pulled it all off without her help. Also thanks to Meg for an amazing party!

25 responses to “The Secret Society of Mature Individuals

  1. Hester

    Honestly, how creative!!! Can I be the adopted older sister??? My 40th is just around the corner…..

  2. Elizabeth

    You did so good!! Not that I would expect any less from you. Bravo!

  3. Patty Gregory

    Kellie, I knew it all along, but now so does everyone else…you are turly an amazingly talented graphic artist and sister and sister-in-law and daughter and niece…! Great job! Oh, happy birthday Alex! Love you all, Aunt Patty

  4. Are your mustaches’ sparkly or is it just me?

  5. Marsha Davis

    Great job my talented, beautiful, creative daughter! We make a great party planning team! Is there a family business in the future?

  6. Where did you make the buttons? How? I NEED to do this for my sister in law. Is there a printable? I ABSOLUTELY love this idea. You are a genuis!!!

    • HI Erin! Thanks for stopping by! I have always secretly wanted a button maker but they are all SO EXPENSIVE! Then a friend turned me onto badgeaminit. It is a hand held button maker, but they turned out very professional looking so it was well worth the $30 bucks. I had to buy a few extra button supplies for the quantity I needed, but if you look online you can find them at a pretty good price. Also, if you plan ahead, there are some good places you can buy buttons online for pretty cheap as well.

      As far as a printable goes, the crest has his initials on it (AB) so unless your sister miraculously has the same initials, I’m not sure a printable would help you out 🙂

  7. eeeghads….I need wine labels, too!!!! HOW did you make them? You are my hero! Can I just buy these things from you? I have no idea how to do this stuff. I have never seen such a great idea for a 30th!

    • Hi again 🙂

      The wine labels were super easy–after designing them I just printed them on sticker paper and put them right over the old label! I measured the original label to make sure that it would cover completely.

      I’m so glad you liked the theme! I am a freelance graphic designer, so if you’re serious about wanting to buy them, let me know and we can personalize them for your sister instead of having the wrong initials on there 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh, Kellie, this is such a darling idea! It’s perfect for a 30th surprise party I am hosting. Is there any way I can hire you to redesign these things to fit the specifics of the party I’m doing??

  9. Kellie-we are interested in using your design to make the same invites, buttons, etc. Would you be able to design them for us? We are on a time crunch and would like to have the digital proofs by early next week. Please let me know and feel free to call me 321-431-1122. Thanks.

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