March Birchbox


You guys! Have you heard of Birchbox? If you have, then you’re ahead of the game in my book. If not, then you’re welcome!

Birchbox is a magical place where for $10 a month, you sign up to receive a box full of beauty goodies in the mail. It’s usually wonderful treasures such as perfume samples, skin care, nail polish, hair products and so much more!

This month was a Teen Vogue version. Yes, I realize I am far from being a teen, but this box was filled with editor-approved beauty picks from brands like Kérastase and essie. It’s great for anyone who is young at heart and loves to dress up! How could I resist?

I was delighted when I opened my box to find a full sized  sparkly gold essie nail polish, a sample of Kate Spade’s perfume Twirl, a lip crayon in my perfect shade of light pink, hair serum and a fun little pony tail holder in neon! How do they know me so well!?*

Are you all sold yet? It get’s better! You can buy any of the full sized versions on their website and earn points towards free stuff! It might just be me, but I think this is genius. All for $10 bucks a month! You can even give Birchbox as a gift. I think it would be divine as a Mother’s Day gift or a birthday present for a sister or close friend (Mom, Sister & Close Friends: don’t be surprised if you get this from me in the future!)

Go sign up, I know you want to. If you use this link, you’ll give me some extra points too and I’ll love you forever 🙂 You do have to join a waiting list, but I didn’t have to wait too long for my invite.. maybe two weeks?

Happy Pampering!

*The fact is, they know me so well because you take a short personal assessment when you sign up. You tell them all about your skin tone and texture, hair color and stuff you generally like. They’ve really thought this one out people.

4 responses to “March Birchbox

  1. So jealous of the Essie polish!

  2. Alyssa

    I’m definitely getting in on this!!

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