Just a Thought

Do you ever feel like you’re watching your life pass you by? Like you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen to you instead of going out there and making them happen for yourself? I have found–after a lot of soul searching and one pretty great late night conversation with my mom–that I am guilty of just that.

My last post made me realize that I wasn’t really living in New York, and I find myself making the exact same mistakes now that I’m back in Portland. Sure, I grew up here but I moved away after high school. This is my first experience living in Portland as an adult and I’m just letting it slip by.

So this is my pledge: I vow to explore all that Portland has to offer. I promise to try new places to eat, go into local shops, visit our wonderful farmers markets and really give this place a shot. On paper, nowhere will ever measure up to New York, but take some pretty great relationships, a couple of nephews who are growing up faster than imaginable, and one kick-ass city and maybe Portland could be even better.

Here’s to adventure! Who want’s to come with me?

2 responses to “Just a Thought

  1. Alyssa

    I just posted about that in my blog too! I want to come with you 🙂

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