DIY Inspiration

I’ve really been wanting to update my furniture in my home, but can’t really justify the expense right now. So, I’ve been researching ways to take my existing furniture and make it into something entirely new! Here are just a few inspiration pieces. Obviously, if when I get around to tackling some of these projects I’ll take photos galore to show you all!

The photo above is of an Ikea table that was turned into this lovely desk (read the post here)! My dark ‘wood’ coffee table is looking a little.. well, dark lately, so I can’t wait to try this out! The sculptural addition to the legs is genius and looks straight out of the pages of a West Elm catalog.

I don’t have this mirror exactly, but I do have some that could use a fresh paint job. One in particualr is looking awfully sad and scratched up. I’m thinking of giving the mirror in my bathroom a coat of beautiful coral paint and a new lease on life! (Also, does anyone have any tips on using spray paint in an apartment? I could use my parents garage if need be but it would be awesome to bust this out in one afternoon without having to transport it anywhere.)

Ok, not hot pink (although I do love pink), I think my wrought iron chandelier would look amazing with either an ivory/white paint job or (if I’m feeling daring ) a beautiful, bright chartreuse. Neon is in after all!

There is inspiration everywhere! What inspires you?

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