There’s No Place Like Home

I’ll admit it: I’m obsessed with interior design. I love seeing how designers mix and match textures, colors and patterns and I strive to make my home beautiful and serene. At this point in my life, I’m living in a studio apartment which means all of the design elements in my home have to be temporary. However, I dream of someday owning a home–a little fixer-upper that I can use to create my own oasis. I have looked through a lot (a lot) of design magazines, blogs and books and have mentally dog-eared all the inspiring places and have been designing my ‘dream home’ in my mind. However, until yesterday I have never seen any home as close to my vision as actress Keri Russell‘s Brooklyn brownstone featured in Elle Decor.

Every detail of this home I am in love with.. like in. love. Not only did her husband do all of the renovation work, the couple tried to salvage and reuse as much material as possible. Not only is that great for the environment, it creates such a warm, well loved space.

It was a collaboration from the beginning, with Russell sketching room layouts, choosing furnishings, and picking out fabrics while Deary took charge of materials—almost all of them cast off. The kitchen cabinetry is built entirely from a dismantled post-and-beam house, as are the bathroom vanities. Deary turned pieces of discarded pine into the handsome porthole mirror that hangs over the living room mantel. The ficus there grows out of a Donald Judd–inspired plank box that was once a desk. He dug joists out of a Dumpster and saw the perfect kitchen table, then unearthed the house’s old shutters in the basement and turned them into window casings. Beside their bed, a golden block of reclaimed pine flooring serves as a night table. After living out of a suitcase for years, Russell now hangs her clothes on sleek plumbing pipes Deary saved from a past renovation job.

In their dining room (the first picture), the mixture of the dark wood, the metal chairs (those chairs!!) the brick, the incredible and unique chandelier,  and the pop of color from the flowers makes my heart sing. I’m also such a huge fan of the natural pallet of rich browns, lovely warm creams, whites and greys. This is completely my style and I want to move in tomorrow.

I think what I love best is that it was a collaboration between the couple. It says in the article:

Indeed, the young actress is so enamored of her husband’s talent that when it came time to fill the place with furniture, Russell made sure it didn’t speak louder than the rooms themselves. “With so much wood in the equation, it could have turned into a cliché of farmhouse chic,” she says, “so I stuck with a neutral palette, kept it spare, and worked in as many textures as I could without straying into girly territory.”

This is totally evident in every room. It’s so thoughtfully done and I’m so impressed that Keri has such amazing style in her home, without the help of a professional. She could have a very successful second career as an interior designer! You can read the article for yourself here.


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