Strangled by Cords?

After looking at a recent cable bill, I realized I was paying over $170 for a service I could (mostly) get for free online! So I said adios to my cable provider, which also meant getting rid of the internet that was bundled along with it. Now, I can live without cable (I think), but I can not live without the internet. So I did some research into providers in my area and found one who was running a promotion–$14.99 a month! Needless to say, I ordered it right away.

My modem was scheduled to arrive yesterday and my little heart skipped a beat when I heard the knock of the UPS person at my door. I opened the package and could smell the newness of it. Carefully unpacking everything, I got started installing the internet. I was thrilled that this modem had built in wireless, making my Netgear router I’ve had for years obsolete. After plugging everything in and getting online, I felt great–that is, until I looked at the nest of cords behind my nightstand. The picture above is not my actual mess of cords, but is identical in magnitude and complexity, and no matter how hard I tried I could never get those cords to look organzied. Enter bluelounge.

This company makes the most elegantly simple cord hiding/organizing tools I’ve ever seen and their product photos (below) make me want to run out and buy 1,000 of them. Look at how this CableBox takes the before picture and makes it look wonderfully clutter-free!

Also, their CableClip is a stroke of genius and I can only imagine what my cable drawer would look like with a few packages of these. I’m in love.

So, come next paycheck, I think I know where a good chunk of my money is going to go. I figure, I saved $155 by ditching my cable TV.. I should reward myself! I’ve seen the CableBox at The Container store and after doing a quick search on their website, found the link for you! I couldn’t, however, find the CableClips, so I think we’ll have to resort to ordering those online. I told you I couldn’t live without the internet.


One response to “Strangled by Cords?

  1. cam

    Hey, that’s pretty sweet. I hate tangled cords too!!

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